Redesigning the most popular language learning app — Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone pioneered the use of interactive software to accelerate language learning. It offers course in 24 languages. In collaboration with Rosetta Stone our goal was to redesign on-boarding experience and improve navigation trough the app.

Client: Rosetta Stone — Agency: Five Agency — Creative Field: UX, UI — Year: 2016

Introducing the interactive learning experience to the users before sign up, so they can feel how Rosetta Stone will teach them a new language.

Rosetta Stone_2Rosetta Stone_2

Units are designed as a book covers, with a single color as a background and one or two simple elements that represent the content inside of the unit

Rosetta Stone_5Rosetta Stone_5
Rosetta Stone_6Rosetta Stone_6
Rosetta Stone_7Rosetta Stone_7
Rosetta Stone_8Rosetta Stone_8

Navigating through app content should be intuitive and super easy.

The core learning experience didn't change, only slight visual update was applied.

Rosetta Stone_9Rosetta Stone_9
Rosetta Stone_10Rosetta Stone_10